Aviation Services FAQs

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Aircraft charter

1. Where does Aviation Beauport fly to?
Almost all of our flights are within Europe, but we can fly to virtually any destination worldwide so just get in touch and we will work with you to plan your journey.
2. Is it possible to charter an Aviation Beauport aircraft, from my local airfield?
Normally yes, we fly regularly from or via airfields throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Limitations, for example, may be very small airfields or airfields without customs representation if required for your flight.
3. Can we arrange for cabin crew and catering on our flights?
Yes, depending on the aircraft you select, our team will help make your journey complete, whether that is by arranging for cabin crew or on-board catering.
4. What are the advantages of flying with Aviation Beauport rather than a schedule airline?
There are many advantages of chartering through Aviation Beauport including:
  • Fly when you want to fly, to a destination of your choice.
  • Use of Aviation Beauport terminal so no need to wait in long queues in the main airport to check in and clear security.
  • From arriving at the terminal it is possible to be airborne within 10 minutes.
  • If you are delayed or want to change your plans, your plane will wait for you and Aviation Beauport will work to your schedule.
5. I would like to bring my pet with me. Is this possible?
Yes, Aviation Beauport is a licensed port of entry under the PETS scheme so that clients may bring their dog or cat with them when flying from various European countries. Please call us to discuss meeting requirements under this scheme.

Handling services

6. During my stay I would like to hire a car and make arrangements for accommodation, eating out and trips on the island. Can you help with this?
Yes, our team have a substantial amount of local knowledge and can advise and arrange suitable accommodation, onward transport and restaurants.

Aircraft management

7. I am interested in Aviation Beauport looking after my plane, however I would prefer it to just be managed and maintained, rather than being chartered out. Is this possible?
Yes, you can choose which services you prefer and are not restricted to a particular set. Our flexible approach will help you get the most from your aircraft.
8. I would like to lease my aircraft to Aviation Beauport. How often will it be used throughout the year?
Your aircraft type and our pilot suitability will dictate the usage by Aviation Beauport so please make direct contact with us to discuss the options.

Other services

9. Can Aviation Beauport assist me in selling my aircraft?
Yes, we tend to work with brokers rather than act as a broker, but we can offer valuable assistance to you during the sale process.